84 Days Refresh Results Guarantee

Our #1 priority at Refresh Skin Science is your satisfaction. This means we stand by our product no matter what, bringing you an 84-day money-back challenge if you don't get the desired results after using our product. If you have a problem, we will solve it.

Just reach out to our Customer Happiness Team to report your concern. We're here for you to make things easier for you! Solutions. Guaranteed.



100% Refresh results guarantee applies to customers who regularly use Refresh Skin Science products by sticking to our recommended regimen. The guarantee will be covered only post usage for 84 days because we believe you need some time for our products to effectively assimilate and show the desired results.


To participate in the Refresh results guarantee program, you will be requested to submit your before and after photographs with a clear timestamp every seven days before using our products. This is done to see what changes are brought back by the product and recommend any changes to the regimen you are using in solving your skin care problems.


To submit a Refresh Results money back request, please contact our customer success executives through our brand website/mobile number 8565992992 and provide detailed information about the regimen you have been using and the problem you are trying to solve, along with your purchase history. To process your refund, our executive will refer to the before and after photographs you shared of the previous 12 weeks and escalate your request to honor our 100% money back with no questions asked.


Refresh Skin Science reserves the right to verify information, require valid proof of purchase, and deny guarantee requests at its discretion in cases of suspected fraud or where Refresh concludes that the participant has abused the guarantee. We may amend or terminate the 84-Day money-back guarantee policy at any time without notice.

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